Our Strength

  • Professional Management
  • Using appropriate High Quality Innovative Design Infrastructure
  • Trained, Experienced & dedicated team
  • Optimizing Cost by controlled Management
  • Regular Efficient Routing & Monitoring
  • Daily Vehicle Movement, Feed Back & Availability / Allocation Report.
  • Higher Safety Precautions
  • Lower Down-time & Higher resistance for Contingency
  • JIT – Just in Time: Guaranteed Delivery of your Products as per schedule

Contingency Control

Back up fleet and manpower planning: Stand-by vehicles and adequate work force would be made available to avoid any failure.
Preventive maintenance of vehicles: All fleets are checked and maintained by the expert mechanical supervisors by using genuine spare parts and their replacements.
Immediate follow-up: Crisis management group would ensure immediate follow up in case of contingencies.
Situation control and Information flow: Contingency task force would ensure regular information and take all remedial action required.And in the normal circumstances the CTF pays attention to minimize the lead-time by auditing the resources.

Perception of Customer´s Expectations:

Flexibility: Multiple option with equal Serviceability
Long Term Validity: Proposal valid with Long Term Focus
Contingency Coverage: Optional and counter plans for eventualities
Competitive: Optimum Cost Benefits
Value Addition: Strong Contracts with value addition.